An award-winning short film about the harrowing psychological effects of war on a Sudanese asylum seeker in London.

Playing Warriors

When Nyarai finds out that her cousin Nonto is getting married, she and her traditionally challenged friend Maxi, are set into a frenzy at the thought that their time to find ‘Mr. Right’ may be running out! Set in Harare, Playing Warriors is a comedy feature film about women trying to balance the expectations of tradition while being modern and independent in present day Zimbabwe.



The Axe & the Tree

Between April and June 2008, a ‘tsunami of violence’ was visited on the people of Zimbabwe. This film focuses on the experiences of four individuals living in the high density and peri-urban settlements around Harare during the violence that followed the 2008 elections. It explores the impact of the violence on their lives, and their hopes and fears for the future.

Filmmaker – Writer

J.M.D. Manyika Fellow, Harvard University, 2018-2019,
Fellow, The Film Study Center at Harvard University, 2019-2020